The Fedaration of Slovaks of Great Britain

Archív pre november, 2018


Federation of Slovaks in Great Britain
Czech Slovak Society of Arts & Science
organized on 24.November 2018 in Czech Slovak community Velehrad the Colloquium named
Great Britain and the breaking up of Austria-Hungary, the rise of Czechoslovakia and other successor states in 1918
with the programme of follow lectures and lecturers
British attitudes to the breaking up of Austria-Hungary and the creation of new states Professor Robert Evans, Oxford University
Great Britain and the creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918 Dr. Vladimír Daniš, Federation of Slovaks in Great Britain
The End of the Marriage: Explaining the Slovaks Decision to join Czechoslovakia in 1918 Dr. Thomas Lorman, SSEES University College London
The First World War, Great Britain and the Creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes Dr. Bojan Aleksov, SSEES University College London
Romania in geopolitical European context (1918-1920) Dr. Marusia Cirstea, University of Craiova
Breaking up Austro-Hungarian economy: sudden or gradual? Dr. Tomas Cvrcek, SSEES University College London
The meeting was also welcomed by representatives of the Czech and Slovak Embassies and the British-Czechoslovak Association

Discussion, Numerous participants and live discussions were positive signs of this event.
(www.federacia.org www.svu2000.org/london www.velehrad.org.uk)